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Shelf Development in China


2008 statistics, about 120 Chinese manufacturers of industrial shelves, according to incomplete statistics, in 2011 China manufacturer storage shelves has risen to nearly 300, was constantly evolving storage industry!

In 2005, the shelf output of about 1.2 billion yuan, compared with previous years, industry growth for the shelf development;

In 2006, the shelf production than in 2005 an increase of more than 40%, but the increase in value compared with 2005 is not large, shelf market value of about 1.8 billion yuan. In 2007, the total output of about 320,000 tons, the output value of about 30 billion yuan; in 2008, automated warehouse (AS / RS) with shelf production will be flat with 2007, due to steel price factors, shelf production rose 1.25%; forklift pallet racking Its extended-shelf, shelf to shelf output will grow 1.2% in 2007, due to steel price factors, output will grow 1.25 percent.

In 2009, production increased by 1.48% over the shelves in 2009, affected by the economic crisis in 2008, more gentle;

In 2010, due to steel price factors increase 1.21 percent, over the shelf Sichuan manufacturers showed trends in Sichuan in 2010 only on new shelves more than 50 manufacturers, the output value will reach a new high shelf;

In 2011, steel prices compared with 2009, an increase of 1.5% over the large-scale enterprises to achieve modern warehousing of goods, are strongly recommended automation.

Shelf independent export began in 2000, before mainly through foreign trade companies.

China's exports are mostly pallet rack, shelf to shelf and other less demanding variety of installation services, while still relatively small service requirements for the installation of high-dimensional library exports. On the other hand, the famous warehouse automation supplier in China, construction of the automated warehouse, almost all of China's procurement of shelves, automated warehouse with shelves shows that China has reached the international level.