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Shelf purchase and process


Optional shelves requires attention to three aspects:

Choose shelf material meets the requirements you need to meet your standards;

Check whether the shelf surface spray quality full area coverage and color;

Check the ease of assembly and optional shelf stability is good.

Purchase process

Including demand-side system requirements proposed warehouse shelves

Suppliers for program design selection

Discussion and optimization programs

Program reasonable, optimization degree assessment

Quoted price

Supplier selection

sign a contract

Detailed technical design shelf system

Shelf systems manufacturing (preparation, processing, surface treatment, packaging, etc.)

Rack System Installation


Choose shelves to see their product range and specifications of size, weight and quantity. Lightweight many kinds of bulk goods Multi-angle light-frame, cardboard boxes, cabinets full bloom of products to multiple choice in medium shelf or three-column shelf, this shelf length from 1.2 m 2.5 m can be done, you can put more than a monolayer a box, turnover box, Sheng matter appliances. Extra loft platform above the irregular product, bulky lightweight product area accounted for most of this product too, while loft platform has always been based on the original installation of the floor on the ground floor, saving the deposit site, but also improve the utilization of high altitude. Double attic shelves are used for storing accessories and small items distribution warehouse, parts libraries, shelves are used for heavy industry, electronic products, paper, a variety of industries, the use of shelf shelves pay attention to the load-bearing performance, can not overload, best After determining the weight of the product on the shelf. Easy to use display shelves showcase heavy products. Supermarket shelves for display products. Angle shelves are used for storing products more scattered. The amount of lighter products. The main advantage to find the product easy to store. Easy assembly. Price concessions; medium-sized storage boxes and shelves are used for larger pieces of items. Manual access to goods. Shelves simple structure, laminates can choose, the choice of steel or plywood delivery of goods, the same firm, and more for large and small warehouses, as well as workshops and glove compartment.

Heavy shelves are used for storing a large amount of pallets stored products, you can save high-altitude space, storage capacity, good load-bearing performance. The demand side of the warehouse shelf system requirements usually include warehouse floor plan, specification unit (packaging) of goods, features, weight, unit size cargo tray, piled high and deadweight, access mode (manual, mechanical, automation) and deposit take equipment, storage capacity requirements, access to library frequency requirements, management system requirements, control methods.

A light shelves storage shelves belong, shelf shelf type. It is based on carrying capacity to distinguish between the shelf and named. In accordance with this principle of division light shelves storage shelves carrying capacity in all of the smaller. Typically shelf bearer ≦ 150kg / layer (layer shelf load carrying capacity of the vast majority of units based computing).